In English folklore will-o’-the-wisp are atmospheric ghost lights seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travelers from the safe paths.


Wasatch Investigative Society for Paranormal Studies (WISPS) is a group of Flashlight Testeveryday working professionals brought together by their curiosity, and desire to seek out evidence of and research the unknown. All members volunteer their time and effort.

With teams in North and South Utah  the investigative teams members consists of  law enforcement professionals, a funeral director, medical professionals, a Business Master (MBA), an engineer, business professionals, and others.

The WISPS team primarily uses scientific instrumentation to conduct their investigations.

WISPS  does not rely on séances, Ouija Boards, or other means of “divination” to conduct investigations.

WISPS finds there is no way to verify claims from these methods. More importantly research into the field shows that use of Ouija Boards, and similar means of “divination” can often inadvertently invite undesirable, and often dangerous entities into a location which ultimately do more harm than good. WISPS strongly discourages the use of such means as a method to investigate or attempt communication with spirits. WISPS has however, found certain individuals are sensitive to the spirit realm, and we can and will use those to help further an investigation. This is used merely as a tool and does not eliminate the need to gather hard evidence through a scientific investigation.


WISPS ‘ goal is to conduct professional scientific investigations into paranormal phenomena. WISPS seeks to gather scientific evidence of hauntings, make reasonable effort to debunk the collected evidence, and to determine if an haunting is substantiated or not. More importantly WISPS seeks to help those who may be living in fear of the phenomena occurring around them in their homes or places of business.

WISPS  offers their services FREE OF CHARGE. WISPS  will NEVER ask for money or solicit donations from our clients. 

Due to geographical limitations if WISPS is unable to assist they will help in locating a respected and credible group in your area to conduct an investigation.

Why use WISPS? WISPS was founded by a law enforcement supervisor with years of professional investigative experience, including time served as a detective, with training in investigative technique and evidence collection. All members of the WISPS team have been thoroughly vetted and are well trusted. Nobody of a questionable nature or past are allowed to be a part of a WISPS team.

If you would like the WISPS team to conduct an investigation of your home, business, or other property you can request an investigation here.

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