The Team



The WISPS   team is divided up into a lead team and a team of investigators.

Some members of the WISPS Team on an investigation.

Each investigation is generally led by a member of the lead team. Each investigator has a unique skill set, and due to busy lives outside the organization, unique availability. As the WISPS  Team approaches each investigation it is determined what number of investigators would be appropriate for the venue, what skills are needed most, and what investigators are available.

For some cases two investigators are enough, for others more investigators are required. Most residential investigations involve less than five investigators.


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The Lead Team


Castle – Lead Investigator / Director

DeAnn T. – Investigator / Co-Director

Jeff C. “Lurch” – Investigator / Assistant Director

Tim B. – Investigator / Assistant Director




Brandy P. – Lead Medium

Brandi B. – Medium

Kaden M. – Medium


Aleca R. – Photographer / Investigator

Colton T. –  Video Production Manager / Investigator


Team Members

 Heather B. – Investigator

Mark M. – Investigator

Frank J. – Investigator

Nate A. Investigator




Investigators in Training

Dale V. – Investigator

Derrek V. – Investigator

Chris H. – Investigator


Honorary Members




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