When it comes to photos it can be difficult to distinguish between what is an artifact, reflection or anomaly. When is an orb an orb, and when is it dust or an insect. Other than using obvious modifications, such as circles to point out anomalies or hide the identities of individuals, none of the photos presented below have been altered in any way. WISPS does take steps to debunk our photographs, and some of them still may have natural explanations. We will leave it to the viewer to decide their authenticity. Both altered and unaltered versions of the photos will be presented side by side.

Negative Hauntings




Benson Grist Mill


Residential Investigation #J008


Candle Shop


Old Carbon County Jail


Zion’s Building 2




Fort Douglas, SLC 2


Fort Douglas, SLC Utah



Family Tree Restaurant



Residential Investigation J001


Residential Investigation J006


Residential Investigation I002


Zion’s Building


Asylum 49



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