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Have some evidence you’d like to share with the WISPS  Team? Send it in and we’ll take a look. Send us your EVPs, your photos, and your videos! If it meets our criteria we’ll add it to our user Aug15_16_PodGoblinGH_0074-X3-1024x682

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WISPS  reserves the right to display and use any submissions as we see fit. Evidence submitted must be the sole property of the the submitter. Any evidence submitted that is found to be a copyright violation will result in the evidence being removed and potentially the submitter being banned from offering any future submissions.  


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By submitting evidence you acknowledge you are the owner of the evidence and have the right to submit it for use on the WISPS  website. By submitting evidence you are giving WISPS  permission to use submitted evidence as we see fit. WISPS  reserves the right to display submitted evidence or not to display submitted evidence  at our discretion. WISPS  will not edit submitted video files and will display them as is.  
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