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Thank you for contacting WISPS.  We are happy to help you. From investigations, to media interviews, presentations and event staffing WISPS  is ready to meet your needs. 


All WISPS  investigations are conducted completely FREE of charge, always have been always will be.

When requesting an investigation please include as much information as possible in the text field below.

WISPS checks the inbox daily.  A WISPS  investigator will generally contact you within 24 hours of a submission.  

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Thank you for trusting WISPS  to come investigate. We have had some amazing experiences and have  forged some lifelong friendships with clients in the process. Our goal is to make the process as productive and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.   With that in mind we look forward to meeting you and providing a professional service for you. Here are a few guidelines we must insist on so you can have both a successful investigation, the best experience possible.

  • Please refrain from inviting guests or other unnecessary participants to the investigation. Extra participants outside the investigative team can make it difficult if not impossible to gather evidence. We are happy to have the homeowner and some family members on site during an investigation, but the fewer non-investigators present the more successful an investigation you will have.  More than three non-investigator participants can be problematic.
  • If possible make arrangements to have any small children off site during an investigation. Small children can be frightened by the experience, and the concept of ghosts in their home. Small children can also limit access to areas of the home we may need access to. Children tend to be noisy which makes getting reliable audio evidence difficult if not impossible. Children sleeping during an investigation can lead to whispering which renders all audio evidence unusable.
  • Please make arrangements to  remove or contain any free roaming house pets during an investigation. Cats and dogs, can interfere with motion detectors, and investigators. We must insist that you contain them. Free access to the entire home is preferred, but  if the pets must be contained to a single room, we understand and would prefer them contained rather than free roaming.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary noise in the home. One of our chief sources of evidence is audible evidence captured on audio recorders. We ask that all TV's radios, non-critical appliances (washers, dryers, dishwashers, power tools, blow dryers, etc...) not be in use for the duration of the investigation. This process is usually less than three hours.

Client confidentiality is important to us. WISPS will never release any information about our client's names, address, or other identifying information without their express consent. WISPS  may use evidence obtained during any investigation including audio files, video, and photographs. Evidence that may reveal client information WILL NOT be used without the express consent of our clients.

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